Welcome To Zaara Biotech. Zaara biotech is a Biotechnology Start-up company established in 2016 focusing on Research in Energy and Food crisis using Micro-Algae. Learn more Shop Now The goodness of spirulina baked into delicious cookies! B-lite brings you delicious cookies that come packed with the goodness of the superfood known widely as spirulina. Customized Bioreactor designs Our team is well qualified to assist in the design and development of CSTR and PBR suiting the product requirements of Industries as well as Institutions Crew to build you up and your Biostartup ventures A team of multi dicsiplinary experts to guid you to make your startup dream reality. To build up more startup ecosystem in the life science field by providing product development training programs to achive Minimum viable commerical product range for Undergraduate and Post graduate students globally.

Our vision is to enhance the quality of life for the people around the globe by delivering healthy food, together with a better environment for mankind to strive for.

Zaara Biotech launched a number of high-nutrition products including the iconic Blite cookies.

With the collaboration from ICAR-CIFT for research and development, the company improved upon its products with algal-seaweed technology adding to its quality and taste.

With every bite of B-lite spirulina cookies, you consume digestible natural proteins, sufficient amounts of dietary fibre, calcium and iron.With its nutritional goodness, a single pack of these cookies can compensate entirely for a missed meal.

blite cookies zaara biotech
Najeeb Bin Haneef

C.E.O’s message

Zaara biotech was started with the dream to make the world a better place for everyone. We prioritize sustainability and believe that a sustainable approach focused on quality is the key to provide our customers with an enriching experience. We go to great lengths to deliver the best that nature offers to our customers with products of highest quality. We aim to become a beacon of trust and standard in the food and cosmetics industry and believe in leading by example.

“The unhealthy elements like cholesterol, trans fat and white sugar are completely absent, making b-lite cookies a great choice for the health-conscious person”


Making a great startup ecosystem in Kerala, Zaara Biotech manufactures Customized Photo bioreactors for Educational institutions and laboratories by the support of various  startups across the fields of Electrical and Electronics and AI in Kerala. These sophisticated cost effective designs will flourish next generation laboratory equipment range which is made within a local ecosystem while keeping international standards. 

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