Kallumakkaya and Blite cookies gear up to meet our honorable PM this October

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They say great things take time. But it also takes effort, consistency, smart ideas and an undaunting spirit to build something and take it to greater heights. 

This is true in the case of Zaara Biotech and Foo Foods as it sets in full swing to meet our honorable PM this October adding yet another feather to their caps.

Kallumakkaya and Blite cookies bear a history of long-term relationships owing to the same platform they grew from and branched successfully. Both companies are student start-ups founded on the college campus in Kerala. The masterminds behind these are two young and dynamic students who firmly believed in their abilities to conquer the possibilities that stood ahead of them. The spirit of entrepreneurship and versatility dwelled deep inside these young minds which eventually helped them open new routes into the FMCG sector. 

Under the technical direction of ICAR-CIFT (Indian Council for Agricultural Research – Central Institute of Fisheries Technology), these two individuals came up with their products and bloomed into the world of entrepreneurship and the food industry.


What started a long time ago as a result of inquisitiveness that constantly boiled inside the minds of these two intelligent individuals paved its way to develop into Blite cookies-India’s first algal seaweed cookies and Foo Foods which utilizes retort processing technology to develop traditional foods.

Foo Foods,  deploys the retort processing technique, a widely accepted benchmark for quality preservation, which enables all products to be supplied unconditionally. Regardless of the season, location, or other factors their products survive up to 12 months without refrigeration or freezing. This facilitates the creation of products that are easy to store and transport.


Blite cookies developed by Zaara biotech indulge in the use of superfood spirulina to bake healthy cookies. These cookies are free from Cholesterol and brimming with nutrients such as proteins, calcium, iron, dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals to provide your body with the nourishment it needs. Apart from the superpower of spirulina, the cookies also get their goodness from oats, millet, quinoa, and choco chips. This not only enhances the flavor of Blite cookies but also settles down your food cravings stepping in now and then.

Foo Foods and Blite cookies have been selected to exhibit at Agri Startup Conclave & Kisan Sammelan. This program is all set to unfold on October 17 & 18, 2022 at IARI Mela Ground, Pusa, New Delhi.  

The event will be inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi followed by a visit to the exhibition. There would be 500 agri-startups from different parts of the country showcasing their innovation. Foo Foods and Zaara Biotech are one of these many start-ups that will demonstrate their work and how both the start-ups have climbed the ladder of success into their respective businesses touching the lives of the people positively.

The world is constantly evolving around every corner. This demands the need for smart ideas and innovations to elevate the quality of life. The smart brains at Zaara biotech and Foo Foods wish to throw light on how they can make a difference in this world with their abstract thinking in food and algal technology.

Harnessing the power of superfood Spirulina and trapping it into a cookie deliciously that delivers all the benefits of it to the people in just a bite is something that is wonderfully done by Blite cookies.

On the other hand, Foo foods utilize an alternative food preservation methodology by inculcating cutting-edge technology. It adopts a retort processing technique that prevents the spoilage of food thus allowing easy transport, storage, and consumption of traditional delicacies and mouth-watering treats. This technology graciously extends the shelf life of the product up to 12 months without the need for refrigeration and freezing.

Foo food endeavors with an ultimate mission to provide its customers with premium quality and taste without taking a toll on their health. It strives to enlighten people globally with its high-quality products that are rich in flavor and packed wisely.


Through the usage of their online retail site, Foo Foods offers coverage all over India. They are driven to grow their brand with their experience in the processed food sector that they hold. They wish to seamlessly fill the voids and make up for the loopholes without compromising on quality with their existing products and some new ones that will hit the market shortly.

Zaara Biotech makes a sincere effort to invent, create, and commercialize nutritious and healthy products in addition to offering innovative environmental solutions that enhance the quality of life.

It primarily focuses on eradicating malnutrition by shaking hands with algal technology to drive off the nutrient gap.


With a vision aimed solely at the benefit of mankind, it works to provide healthy food and a hygienic environment to people globallly.

With New perspectives, and new arenas being explored Zaara Biotech and Foo Foods are defining the food industry differently with the sole objective to enrich the quality of life.

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