Welcome To Zaara Biotech.

Zaara biotech is a Biotechnology Start-up company established

in 2016 focusing on Research in Energy and Food crisis using

Micro- Algae.

Our vision is to enhance the quality of life for the people around the globe by delivering healthy food, together with a better environment for mankind to strive for.

Zaara Biotech launched a number of high-nutrition products including the iconic Blite cookies.

With the collaboration from ICAR-CIFT for research and development, the company improved upon its products with algal-seaweed technology adding to its quality and taste.

With every bite of B-lite spirulina cookies, you consume digestible natural proteins, sufficient amounts of dietary fibre, calcium and iron.With its nutritional goodness, a single pack of these cookies can compensate entirely for a missed meal.

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Sustainability - Taste And Convenience: The New Frontier Of Food Startups

March 15, 20243 min read

"In the journey toward sustainability, taste and convenience are the compass points guiding us to a future where every bite nourishes both body and planet." - Jamie Oliver

The Rise Of Sustainable Food Startups: Farm-To-Table, Alternative Proteins, And Zero Waste

The rise of sustainable food startups has revolutionized the way we think about our meals. With a focus on farm-to-table practices, these startups prioritize locally sourced and fresh ingredients, ensuring a more environmentally friendly and nutritious dining experience. By shortening the distance between farms and consumers, they not only reduce carbon emissions but also support local farmers and communities. Another innovative aspect of sustainable food startups is their exploration of alternative proteins. These startups are creating plant-based meat alternatives that mimic the taste and texture of traditional animal-based products. By offering sustainable protein options, they aim to address the environmental concerns associated with conventional meat production. Moreover, zero waste initiatives have become a key focus for many sustainable food startups. They are actively working to minimize packaging waste and utilize compostable or recyclable materials in their production processes.

Innovating For Health And Sustainability: Plant-Based Snacks, Sustainable Packaging, And Food Waste Reduction 

 Food startups are revolutionizing the way we think about taste, sustainability, and convenience. One key area of innovation is in developing plant-based snacks that not only cater to health-conscious consumers but also have a lower environmental impact. By creating delicious alternatives to traditional meat and dairy products, these startups are contributing to a more sustainable food system. Moreover, these startups are also prioritizing sustainable packaging solutions. They are exploring biodegradable materials or opting for minimal packaging to reduce waste and carbon emissions. This shift towards eco-friendly packaging aligns with the growing consumer demand for greener options. Additionally, food waste reduction is another critical aspect being addressed by these startups. 

Revolutionizing The Food Industry: Hydroponics, Urban Farming, And Locally Sourced Organic Produce 

In recent years, the food industry has witnessed a remarkable shift towards sustainable practices that prioritize taste, environmental consciousness, and convenience. One key aspect of this revolution is the adoption of innovative farming techniques such as hydroponics and urban farming. Hydroponics allows crops to be grown in nutrient-rich water solutions rather than soil, conserving water and reducing the need for pesticides. Similarly, urban farming initiatives have emerged in cities worldwide, utilizing rooftops and vertical spaces to cultivate fresh produce in close proximity to consumers. Furthermore, there has been a surge in demand for locally sourced organic produce, encouraging small-scale farmers to adopt sustainable practices while minimizing transportation emissions.

Beyond Meat: The Rise Of Alternative Proteins In Sustainable Food Startups

As sustainability becomes a growing concern in the food industry, alternative proteins are emerging as a promising solution. Among these innovative startups, Beyond Meat has emerged as a frontrunner. Using plant-based ingredients, Beyond Meat has developed meat substitutes that replicate the taste and texture of traditional animal-based products. By providing sustainable alternatives to meat consumption, Beyond Meat aims to reduce the environmental impact associated with livestock farming. What sets Beyond Meat apart is its commitment to taste and convenience. Their products offer an appealing option for consumers seeking healthier and more environmentally friendly choices without compromising on flavor. As a result, they have gained significant traction among both vegans and meat-eaters looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Packaging With A Purpose: Sustainable Packaging Solutions In Food Startup Industry

In the fast-paced world of food startups, sustainable packaging has emerged as a key focus area. As consumers increasingly prioritize environmental consciousness, companies are realizing the importance of sustainable packaging solutions to reduce waste and carbon footprint. Food startups are actively exploring innovative ways to package their products while keeping sustainability at the forefront. These eco-conscious entrepreneurs are opting for biodegradable and compostable materials, such as plant-based plastics or recycled paper, that minimize environmental impact. Some startups have even embraced reusable packaging options or adopted refill systems to further reduce waste. By investing in sustainable packaging practices, food startups not only align themselves with consumer values but also contribute to a greener future for the industry.

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Mohammed Riya Suneeb TK

Operation Head

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C.E.O’s message

Zaara Biotech started out as as a college project, and despite the passage of years, we still remain steadfast in our initial motivation for its creation – the development and production of sustainable technology, emphasizing quality, efficacy, and practicality.

The FMCG sector has been the driving force behind our growth, leveraging Algal and seaweed technology. We have successfully carved our niche in the market, embodying a customer-centric approach. We go to great lengths to deliver the best nature has to offer, ensuring the highest safety and quality checks at every stage of design and production.

Our aspiration is to be a beacon of trust and sustainability, setting a standard in the biotechnology sector, with a core focus on Algal and seaweed technology.

The unhealthy elements like cholesterol,

trans fat and white sugar are completely

absent, making b-lite cookies a great choice

for the health-conscious person


Making a great startup ecosystem in Kerala, Zaara Biotech manufactures Customized Photo bioreactors for Educational institutions and laboratories by the support of various startups across the fields of Electrical and Electronics and AI in Kerala. These sophisticated cost effective designs will flourish next generation laboratory equipment range which is made within a local ecosystem while keeping international standards.