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Participants passionate about starting projects in Product development in the Life science field are eligible for the training program. Through the training, we will promote trainees to start their own projects and support to the development of suitable innovative products which suit to market. It contains Product development to plant design and empower startup line ecosystem in different fields in the life science sector.

Program Outcomes

Program outcome 1

The program includes an analytical approach to literature reviews, problem-solving aspects, USP Identification, market study and market validation, competitive advantages, product prototyping with sensory and nutritional testing, test marketing to a targeted audience, pilot plant production engineering design, and packaging aspects and sustainability engineering.

Program outcome 2

The training programs include product development in Food and Beverages, Cosmetics, Bioinformatics, Agriculture technology, and Biomolecular formulations. The main aim is to train students and Entrepreneurs who are passionate about F&B and the field of life science to enable the design and development of high-quality products using the latest biotechnology innovations, to empower complete sustainability in the FMCG Sector.

Program outcome 3

Zaara Biotech helps students from schools and campuses, who are interested in entrepreneurship to start their startups by connecting with the training outputs to enable generating sophisticated F&B innovations, and prototyping of products that suit to market.

Program outcome 4

It helps students to get knowledge about market validations and competitive advantages and costing and test marketing policies in the market.

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1. Product development in Food and Beverages

2. Product development in Cosmetics

3. Product development in Bioinformatics

4. Product development in Agriculture technology

5. Product development in Bioreactor Design


Chapter 1: Introduction to Product Development. 

Chapter 2: Ideation.

Assignments and case study

Chapter 3: Formulation.

Assignments and case study

Chapter 4: Processing.

Assignments and case study

Chapter 5: Commercialization.

Assignments and case study

Chapter 6: Role of Team Members.

Chapter 7: Challenges of Product Development.

Chapter 8: Timeline for new product development.

Chapter 9: Product Development Scope.

Chapter 10: Test marketing in new product development.

Chapter 11: When Should You Conduct a Test Market?

Chapter 12: Certifications and Regulations.

Chapter 13: Plant Design Layouts.

Chapter 14: Packaging and Storage.