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About the program

Zaara Product school offers global online product development training, providing live classes and comprehensive ideation-to-commercialization analysis for students and entrepreneurs seeking innovative solutions for startups or industry-driven technology, with the added benefit of a 2-month course duration and one-year mentorship to ensure economic and social feasibility of their solutions.

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Key features

A well-structured and in-depth curriculum covering all aspects of product development, from ideation to commercialization.

Guidance from experienced product development experts, industry professionals, and subject matter experts.

Practical, hands-on projects and real-world simulations to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

Focus on developing skills that align with current industry trends and demands.

Tailored training programs to suit the needs of students, graduates, and entrepreneurs in various fields.

Encouragement and support to create innovative solutions that address real-world problems.

Empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into viable commercial products or startups.

One-year product mentorship plan to guide and support students throughout their product development journey.

Convenience of online learning, allowing students to participate from anywhere in the world.

Integration of various disciplines like technology, biotechnology, AI, etc., to foster multidimensional product development.

Emphasis on developing products that are suited to market demands and consumer preferences.

Encouragement of continuous learning and skill development even beyond the training program.

Opportunities to collaborate with like-minded individuals, industry professionals, and potential investors.

 A positive and supportive learning environment to foster creativity and innovation.

Comprehensive training covering the entire product development process, including plant design aspects.


1. Product development in Food and Beverages

2. Product development in Cosmetics

3. Product development in Bioinformatics

4. Product development in Agriculture technology

5. Product development in Bioreactor Design

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" It was really great working with such an innovative team. They are the one who brings out ideas and the way to put them into a product. Looking forward for many startups under the same team. Thankyou for sharing your experiences and helping to make our dreams into reality. "
Anjali N P
Bsc Biotechnology
"It was a very informative program in which I came to know how a good product is being brought into a market."
Anannya Shaju
B Tech in Biotechnology
"I really got a wonderful experience after the course and gained much knowledge in, how we can develop a product and how to sell it in the market. I had wonderful mentors too. The only thing I have to add is that I got to attend these sessions only through online , so my request is that it should be done in offline too. "
Arjun kumar A
Bsc zoology

Program Outcomes

  • The program includes an analytical approach to literature reviews, problem-solving aspects, USP Identification, market study and market validation, competitive advantages, product prototyping with sensory and nutritional testing, test marketing to a targeted audience, pilot plant production engineering design, and packaging aspects and sustainability engineering.
  • Enhanced Analytical Skills: Participants will develop strong analytical abilities through literature reviews and problem-solving exercises, enabling them to critically assess and understand various aspects of product development in the F&B and life science fields.
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Identification: Participants will learn how to identify and articulate the unique selling points of their products, differentiating them from competitors in the market.
  • Market Study and Validation: Students will gain knowledge and practical experience in conducting comprehensive market studies to understand consumer preferences, demands, and trends, ensuring their products meet market needs effectively.
  • Competitive Advantages: The program will equip participants with the tools to identify and leverage competitive advantages, enabling them to position their products successfully in the competitive F&B and life science markets.
  • Product Prototyping with Sensory and Nutritional Testing: Students will learn how to create product prototypes and conduct sensory and nutritional testing to ensure the development of high-quality and appealing products.
  • Test Marketing to Targeted Audience: Participants will be exposed to the process of test marketing, allowing them to gauge consumer feedback and make necessary improvements before full-scale product launch.
  • Pilot Plant Production Engineering Design: The program will cover pilot plant production engineering design, offering practical insights into scaling up production while maintaining quality and efficiency.

Awards and Achievements


Chapter 1: Introduction to Product Development. 

Chapter 2: Ideation.

Assignments and case study

Chapter 3: Formulation.

Assignments and case study

Chapter 4: Processing.

Assignments and case study

Chapter 5: Commercialization.

Assignments and case study

Chapter 6: Role of Team Members.

Chapter 7: Challenges of Product Development.

Chapter 8: Timeline for new product development.

Chapter 9: Product Development Scope.

Chapter 10: Test marketing in new product development.

Chapter 11: When Should You Conduct a Test Market?

Chapter 12: Certifications and Regulations.

Chapter 13: Plant Design Layouts.

Chapter 14: Packaging and Storage.

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Money Back Guarantee

At our product development training program, we guarantee satisfaction and success for our participants. Our curriculum is based on international standards, so you can be sure that you will get the best education available. And if our participants are not satisfied with the results after the first class, they can get a full refund.

Flexible learning options

Zaara Product School offers flexible learning options that allow students to choose their own live class learning hours based on their own convenience. The course will be completed within two months and the school provides individual mentorship to each candidate to help them develop their products. With these flexible options and personalized support, Zaara Product School is the perfect choice for anyone looking to develop their product.