1. Custom Photo Bioreactor designs ( Images Mock 2 )

Description: We design custom photobioreactors for homes and industries. The micro-algal bioreactors for homes are specifically designed to provide maximum air quality control. The easy-to-maintain bioreactors also provide safe nutritious algae which can improve the value of your daily diet. Industrial grade bioreactors offer biofuels optimised for maximum yield at low operational costs.

  1. Algal-Seaweed Technology FMCG ( Images at Drive )

Description: We design and manufacture food, cosmetics and other FMCG products related to algae and seaweed as per specifications and market them under our trusted B-Lite brand name.

  1. Bioinformatics- 

Our team helps in the design and development of Products and services in Life science correlating with IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Customized Software.

·       Zaara assists in automation in Bioprocess engineering to allow for better research into the production of new products, experimentation and process evaluation.

·       Data analytics is also paid attention to, apart from correlating with value addition in product development.

·       We help to design tools and methodologies for various applications and analysis. These tools aid in capturing and interpreting of biological data to different modes of output generations..

 ( bioinformatics Mock Images2 )

  1. Space food Research-
  2. Feeds and Fertilizers: ( poultry feeds mock images 2)

Description: We are currently carrying out research on developing a high quality poultry feed that can have a great impact on poultry and dairy sector.

On going studies on developing organic fertilizers and bio manures that promotes sustainable farming.

  1. Agritech Products
  2. Cosmetics