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Custom Photo Bioreactor designs

We design custom photobioreactors for homes and industries. The micro-algal bioreactors for homes are specifically designed to provide maximum air purification.

Research and Development Services

We offer Research and Development services for food, cosmetics and FMCG products through our partnerships with sophisticated labs and expert researchers from different parts of the country.

Product development and marketing of Algal and Seaweed products

We design and manufacture food, cosmetic and other FMCG products related to algae and seaweed as per specifications and market them under our trusted B-Lite brand name.

Biomedical research and product design

We develop select biomedical equipment equipped with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) networks for quick adaptability, enhanced functionality and high accuracy.

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Zaara Biotech specializes in the research, development and manufacture of algal and seaweed based organic high quality FMCG products. Our field of interest and expertise comprises of food, cosmetics, feed and fertilizers.

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