We design products and service solutions for the

complex needs of the FMCG industry through latest

biotechnology innovations.

The research and development centre at Zaara biotech delivers intense and high-quality research to

other start-ups and private sectors.

Product development

in Food and Beverages


Zaara Biotech aids start-ups with product development in the food and beverages sector to build products that suit the market as well as add value to life. Product development comprises various stages before you get a final product catering to the requirements of individuals.

Product development in Cosmetics

Products that suit the market in an exact organic manner are identified in addition to pointing out the specific claims with scientific data.
A product development strategy based on the exact requirement of the unique customers is developed. Eg Wringle creams for Female, Toothpaste for Kids, Baby soaps etc.

Product development in Agricultural technology

Product development in Weedicides, Pesticides, Bio fertilizers is conducted along with the implementation of new innovative technology in Bio Manure formation and earthworm studies.
Crop production management is given due consideration to guarantee better productivity.

Product development in Bioinformatics

Our team helps in the design and development of Products and services in Life science correlating with IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Customized Software. Zaara assists in automation in Bioprocess engineering to allow for better research into the production of new products, experimentation and process evaluation.

Customized Bioreactor designs

Our team is well qualified to assist in the design and development of CSTR and PBR suiting the product requirements of Industries as well as Institutions. All the variables affecting the chemical reactors are studied and optimized for the highest efficiency.

Plant design layouts and Production plant setting

To set up a business or a factory, the entrepreneur needs to settle on choices concerning the specific site to be selected. In any case, before pursuing such a decision, it is desired to go through a detailed locational examination considering different variables, which impact the choice. It is a long-term strategic decision, which cannot be changed once taken.

Space food Research

Gone are the times when the research was limited to the earth. In the past decades, heavy investments have been done in space research. This gives us the opportunity to explore space food for the survival of astronauts in space. Zaara biotech recognizes this issue and focuses primarily on creating food that meets the wholesome necessities of the crew members while sticking to the prerequisites of limited storage space, restricted preparation options and the challenges of eating without gravity.