Students Triumph at Dreamvestor Idea Contest with Flake-A-Licious

In a remarkable achievement, students Anagha, Athira, Anakha, and Akhila from St. Peter’s College, Kollenchery, have garnered attention and acclaim with their innovative product, Flake-A-Licious, branded under Banafit. Guided by Zaara Biotech, these young innovators developed a healthy dietary flake that is purely organic, contains no added sugar, and boasts high fiber content. Their hard work and creativity earned them 5th place in the highly competitive Dreamvestor Idea Contest, organized by the Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Kerala. Out of 800 ideas, Flake-A-Licious stood out, and the team was awarded a cash prize of 1 lakh rupees.


The Inspiration and Aim

The driving force behind Flake-A-Licious was the desire to create a convenient, healthy food option for people with busy lifestyles. Recognizing the challenge many face in incorporating nutritious food into their diets, the students designed a ready-to-eat meal that is easy to consume and fits seamlessly into daily routines. 


A Healthy, Versatile Option

Flake-A-Licious is targeted towards fitness enthusiasts, individuals following restricted diets such as vegetarians, and those with gluten sensitivities. Its high fiber content and lack of added sugar make it a perfect snack for health-conscious individuals. Whether eaten as a quick breakfast, a mid-day snack, or a meal supplement, Flake-A-Licious provides a nutritious option that supports a balanced diet.


Recognition and Future Prospects

Winning 5th place in the Dreamvestor Idea Contest is a testament to the team’s innovative thinking and dedication. The contest, which received over 800 entries, celebrates and rewards groundbreaking ideas. The recognition and the 1 lakh rupee award will undoubtedly propel Flake-A-Licious further, opening doors for future development and market expansion.

The success of Anagha, Athira, Anakha, and Akhila exemplifies the power of innovation in addressing everyday challenges. With the support of Zaara Biotech, these students have not only created a remarkable product but also set a benchmark for aspiring entrepreneurs in the life sciences field.

Stay tuned for more updates on Flake-A-Licious and how these young innovators continue to revolutionize healthy eating with their groundbreaking product.


Involvement of Zaara Product School

Zaara Product School is dedicated to nurturing innovators and entrepreneurs through a comprehensive educational program. The school’s curriculum covers all aspects of product development, from ideation and market research to prototyping, user experience design, and sustainable practices. Students also learn about business model development, marketing strategies, financial planning, and ethical business practices. The program includes mentorship from industry experts and opportunities for networking. The key stages of the program—enrollment, idea generation, market research, feasibility analysis, product design, prototyping, business model development, marketing strategies, financial planning, sustainable design, and final project presentation—culminate in a well-rounded preparation for launching successful products.

The victory of Flake-A-Licious in the Dreamvestor Idea Contest highlights the power of innovation and the potential for creative solutions to make a significant impact. As Flake-A-Licious moves from concept to reality, it promises to bring a delicious, healthy, and sustainable snacking option to people everywhere. Zaara Product School stands out as dedicated to nurturing the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. With a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of product development and business strategy, students receive the skills and mentorship needed to succeed. Aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to join Zaara Product School to turn their visionary ideas into reality and make a significant impact on the world.

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